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Student résumés will be sent out to all registered college reps shortly before the Festival.

List of colleges and universities participating in College Auditions/Presentations (PDF)

The Illinois High School Theatre Festival includes college/university audition and presentation sessions for high school juniors and seniors who are actors, technicians, designers, directors, and stage managers. This event gives college and university representatives the opportunity to audition and meet students from throughout the state, while allowing those students to demonstrate their skills to many institutions at a single time. We hope that your institution will participate in this most valuable program.
The Festival Committee coordinates the administration of these auditions and presentations, including the sign-up of auditioning and presenting students, the monitoring and the running of the audition and presentation sessions, and the distribution of student résumés to college/university representatives. 

Following auditions and presentations, colleges/universities interested in specific students may select those they wish to speak with or see further.


  • The acting performance audition must not exceed two minutes, including introductions and transitions; all auditions will be timed. Students should perform: a single monologue, or two short contrasting monologues, or a short monologue and 16 bars of a song. Students should avoid character/age/dialect roles beyond their individual talents and age ranges.
  • Presentations will be scheduled simultaneously with the acting auditions. Students will display their work, give a 5-7 minute presentation, and be present to answer specific questions from those college/university representatives interested in technical, design, directing, and stage management students.
  • Eligibility is limited to Juniors and Seniors who plan to enter college in the school year 23–24 or 24–25 to study theatre. Juniors are strongly encouraged to apply.


  • All colleges and universities intending to participate in the audition process must be an organizational member of the Illinois Theatre Association. 
  • Only the TWO designated organizational representatives (one for audition and one for presentation) may attend the college/university auditions and presentation sessions.
  • All colleges and universities intending to participate in the audition process must provide an exhibit (Indicate on your exhibitor registration form if you wish to participate in auditions and/or presentations).
  • Please be aware that each college/university attending the auditions and presentations will be emailed an electronic file of student résumés. No paper résumés will be handed out, though students are encouraged to bring copies for callbacks.*
  • It is required that you bring your own laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other technology to use for Auditions and Presentations.

NOTE REGARDING CALLBACKS: Students will be emailed a list of those colleges wishing to see them. It is the student's responsibility to visit college representatives who wish to see them on the exhibit floor.

If you have any questions concerning auditions/presentations, please contact the Associate Directors for Auditions:

Sara Keith
           Ryan Lambert
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