Tech Olympics

Session I - Morning
Session II - Afternoon
(Exact times coming soon)

Get your fellow techies and test your skills in wiring a plug, focusing a light, tying a knot, setting props, nicopress crimping, costume changing, sound set up, and flat construction.  This event requires pre-registration, but if there is still room, we welcome you to participate!  If you're not competing, come watch and cheer on your favorite team.

This year's events will be:
1. Cable Coil Relay (3 cables 25ft-50ft each)
2. Focus a Light (Hang Focus Shutter Cut)
3. Sound Board Setup (what wires and where)
4. Knots (Bowline both hands, Clove and 2 Half, Figure 8 on bite)
5. Nicopress (1 test 1 official only)
6. Costume Quick Change (layers of clothing)
7. Fold a Drop (size may vary, bottom up, sides to center)
8. Prop Table Memory (10-20 items)

- Scenic in nature
- Not leg a platform
- Requires 4+ team
- May take 10-15 minutes per team
- On-site sign up needed

*Note: As always we strive to make the Tech Olympics a fun competitive event in which students work together to achieve the best for themselves and their school. This year we would invite teams going for the prizes to complete 7 of the 8 named events and the secret event. 

Click here for a description of each event. (link available soon)


  • You can earn certificates, T-shirts, and goodies from the participating vendors and the USITT-Midwest Section.
  • You can practice an event prior to completing it (except for flat construction).  
  • All schools that enter must participate in each of the 8 events to be eligible for the team award.
  • An individual may participate in as many events as they would like to test their skill, subject to time.
  • A school may have as many as eight (8) participants or as few as one (1) as long as all events are completed (flat construction must be done by a minimum of two people).
Click here to register. (limited registration - sign up early)

Contact Tom Skobel (847-540-4209) or Katie Apperson (217-778-7037)
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Stay tuned for information on individual events!

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