BY SEPTEMBER 15, 2017: 

 BY OCTOBER 20, 2017: 

 BY OCTOBER 27, 2017: 

  • Complete and submit school registration online:  Registration is often full before Oct. 27th! 
    • You will need to enter the names of all sponsors and students when submitting your school registration.
    • When completing your school registration you will have the option to purchase meal tickets.  These tickets must be purchased in advance.  The $17.50 ticket provides each participant lunch for both Friday & Saturday.  Please see the meals section on the Festival website for more information.
  • Submit Principal Acknowledgement Form
  • Submit Medical/Media Release Forms for all participants (students & sponsors)
  • Submit List of all students/sponsors (all names must match your medical/media release forms and the numbers of each you provided when submitting the online school registration form)
  • Submit payment (one single check or purchase order)

 BY NOVEMBER 1, 2017: 

 BY NOVEMBER 10, 2017: 

  • Last day to request a refund (less a $13.00 per person processing fee)

 BY NOVEMBER 14, 2017: 

  • Submit the online college auditions form and fees, as well as the online form to submit your resumes for Performance Auditions and/or Technical Portfolio Presentations.
  • Please note:  the college auditions form will be sent to the sponsor via email after the school has completed their school registration process.

 BY DECEMBER 8, 2017: 

  • Send photos to exhibits@ihstf.org for use in the slideshow (allowed formats:  .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tiff)
  • Pre-register for Tech Olympics (available mid-September)

 BY DECEMBER 13, 2017: 

  • Check the website for college/university student audition times.