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Ongoing Volunteer to be a Production Respondent

August 11, 2022
Production Application Opens

Mid-August 2022 School Registration Opens
Exhibitor Registration Opens
Workshop Application Opens
First day to respond to Full-Length & Showcase Productions
August Posting: Check the website for new information.
College Auditions Information Posted: In order to apply to participate in College Auditions, your school must complete the school registration process in order to receive the online link for students to submit.

September 23, 2022
DUE: Production Online Application
Last day to request a refund for Production Application
DUE:  Production Fee, Play Selection Signature Form, Technical Guidelines Form

October 7, 2022 Productions performed prior to this date must give 3 weeks' advance notice (email productions@ihstf.org)

October 14, 2022
DUE:  School Registration (ONLY for schools submitting shows for consideration)

October 21, 2022
*extended to Nov. 11*
DUE:  Workshop Applications
DUE:  Exhibitor Registrations
DUE:  School Registrations
If you submit the school registration form by October 21 November 11, that does not mean you are accepted to Festival. The order in which all required materials are received is the order each school is ranked and accepted until capacity is reached. We may have to start a wait list prior to the deadline.

November 4, 2022
DUE:  Administrative Support Award Nominations *extended to Nov. 10*

DUE:  Ads for Festival program

November 16, 2022 DUE:  College Audition Application, Resume Form, Payment *extended to Dec. 16*

Last day to respond to productions

November 18, 2022

Last day to request a refund

November 19, 2022 Directors of submitted shows must be available by phone (1:00–5:00 pm)

December 4, 2022 Technical meeting for selected productions at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign at 10:00 am
Last day to respond to productions

December 9, 2022 DUE:  Digital slide show submissions
DUE:  Pre-registered workshops sign-ups

December 16, 2022 Post preliminary Festival schedule

New deadline for College Audition Application, Resume Form, Payment

January 12-14, 2023 Illinois High School Theatre Festival at
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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